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Bursa Travel and Tours

Bursa Old city and we have been here with the ottoman architecture is composed of a two-storey balconied houses. We went here first hotel with thermal pool. The hotel had a very large spacious room with a pool. We got up early in the morning we met our guide and tour with the hotel lobby. We participated in Bursa Private Tours. Our tour guide told us a lot about Bursa detali. Bursa is a city of culture and history of the city. Is especially woodland and forest is known as the Green Bursa. Bursa city of many civilizations lived here and was established as the first Ottoman Sultan Osman the state in 1299 here. The city of Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman state. 2. The time of the Sultan Murad was the capital of Edirne. Finally, in 1453 the city of Istanbul was the capital of the Ottoman Empire. 

The city of Bursa Iskender kebab had a restaurant which was very tasty. Desserts made of chestnut, which is unique to the city of Bursa confectionery delights are made here. Bursa Ulu Mosque in the courtyard, where we went with Kozan Bazaar selling works of Turkish handicrafts and souvenir shops. Made from pure silk clothing accessories for men and women, and had made silk carpets and rugs. We went to Bursa Uludag and this is a very popular ski resort in winter. Turkey's largest ski slopes are located here. Finally, there is the Bursa Ulu Mosque and went inside is made of very fine marble water fountain and the fountain. in particular also had blue-green Iznik ceramics and calligraphy in the manuscript. Year 1400 was conducted in the reign of Sultan Beyazit. There are 20 domes and minarets 2.


We participated in Kusadasi and Ephesus tours, we met with our first tour guide and we attended private tours to Ephesus. Our tour guide told us lots of information about Ephesus. Ephesus has survived many civilizations. After approximately 1 hour long journey to Ephesus Ephesus, we have an open-air museum and open air museum spread over a wide area and are very large excavation and restoration work since 1980. Ephesus excavations carried out in the article are exhibited sculptures and monumental tombs. A place that is protected by UNESCO Ephesus area and this place is history. Ephesus is a port city and a stock of its own. Arapyarımada before the ships with goods from China to Greece India caravans later moved to Italy and then all Europe. Ephesus is the capital of asia you. I had made a huge bronze statue of Mary and Christianity spread across Europe after spreading here.

Ephesus had the first people to sit opposite hillside home, and had the town hall and palace of the king. people used outdoors together collectively had an outdoor toilet. Both sides had a trojan which is adorned with a fountain statue of the king. Located in the harbor of Ephesus had Celcus Libray. Libray Celcus this structure outside Ephesus icon is a 2-storey and single-storey structure that contains the more light is made to take. Arabic Greek Latin manuscripts are on display here. Celcus Libray has been used as a term mausoleum. Libray Celcus ancient city of Ephesus seems the entire city is in the middle. Had a length of 600 meters wide and is made of marble and large king way that people participate in these celebrations and entertainment are carried out on the road. Sculptures on the King's Road, and is decorated with pillars. Entrance had a love heart sign with house and this occurred in many of the rooms.

After 2.5 hours bus ride from Istanbul to Edirne city we have. We made our journey very nice highway ride. The hostess was very polite and courteous. Our first big tour guide told us in great detail about the culture and history of Edirne. We went to Edirne caravanserai and this place has been special boutique hotel. They served us tea and coffee at the hotel. Two-storey bay windows in the old city of Edirne city consists of houses built with classical Ottoman architecture. It is known as the city of Edirne, Edirne is woodland and forest green. Maritsa river in the city of Edirne had been made during the Ottoman  Empire and is situated on the Maritsa river stone bridge. There are tea gardens and restaurants in which raw Pan Meric river. There are also shops selling sweets made ​​of almond and confectionery delight.

Structures built during the Ottoman period and among them there are very nice, Turkey's largest and most beautiful mosque. Sultan Selim the symbol of the city made ​​on behalf of Edirne, located on the highest hill in the city and appearing from all points of the city are the Selimiye mosque. Selimiye mosque made ​​with classic Ottoman architecture and there are very large and spacious main entrance door made ​​of stone masonry. ACL built by architect Sinan 7 years and this has also been my masterpiece of Mimar Sinan. There are many various different made ​​of marble courtyard garden adorned with flowers and trees. inside is decorated with various colored Iznik ceramics. There are handwritten calligraphy in Selimiye mosque. In addition, it has served as a special capital city of the Ottoman Empire Edirne.


After a long flight we arrived Newseh airport, we went private airport transfer Cappadocia cave hotel located in Urgup special. Cave hotel is very large had a spacious room. We have to get up early in the morning and Private Cappadocia tours with our tour guide we met in the hotel lobby  We went here first Avg Hisar and classic with ottoman architecture consists of the house located in yapılmş orchards. first tour with our guide and we went to the town of Avanos where water deck plate tableware made of clay tiles tiles, selling handicrafts and souvenir shops are located here works. Men and women’s clothes were made of leather Coat Jacket. Hand-woven rugs were 
made of wool and silk and carpets. We went here cappadocia Uchisar and the highest peak here and had a very nice view of cappadocia. We watched Finally we went to Pigeon valley and especially the large number of bird flight, including the pigeon.

We participated in cappadocia balloon tour and we went to Zelvia open-air museum, where we went here was flying 250 feet above the ground and lots of balloons. Cappadocia balloon tour after they gave a champagne celebration and flight certificate. We went to the Goreme open air museum here and had numerous cave and fairy chimneys. and religious practices of the people who lived here  رحلات سياحية اسطنبول , فنادق تركيا    have done. Reserved cave we went inside the church and is decorated with many pictures and Mozika of Jesus and Mary. Christianity has spread throughout Europe after the spread here. Finally, with 5-7 floors underground cities for bulunmakadır Pole and deep-underground 
cities. lived with only bread and water in the wine. The underground cities of the Roman soldiers used to take shelter from the winter storm.

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